Natural Gardening Tips

It is always said, that those who do gardening have fingers. However, those who love gardening have green fingers. The saying still stands true, because it is not all that can do gardening. So, even if one is a novice or a veteran in the field of gardening, here are a few tips which you can find useful while one is out in the

  • The best way to save tomatoes that are ripening on the tree when it is getting cold is to bring the plants into keeping them It will be seen that the warm and dry place will make the tomatoes ripe.
  • Planting plants together can help in such a way that if one plant loses nutrients, then the another plant provides it. In the process, the combination also helps the pests to be away from the plants.¬† If you need more help with pests, we recommend an all natural solution by CedarCide.

It takes time for manure or compost to mix in the soil when added. It is always better to wait for two to three weeks before planting. Mixing compost with the soil is a back breaking work. However, it can be made easier by spreading the compost in the fall and then cover it with hay or chopped leaves and leave the rest to nature. As soon as winter is over the soil organism mixes with soil and your back breaking work is saved.

12924ebea76b621edc845b684b5ad8d6It is advisable to remove overripe vegetables from the garden as they will attract pests and spoil the other plants that are growing with it.As soon as the top of the onions falls off, it is time to harvest them. It is advisable for the soil to dry out and then cut off the foliage up to an inch. One can then store it in a dry area.The advantage of planting garlic, onions and chives are that the insects and other pests will not come close. One can grow as much of them as possible in the garden to repel insects.

When one is planting peas, it is always advisable to grow them inside the house.Healthy soil means healthier plants as it can resist pests and disease. In this way, one will not need to use pesticides.The reason for using organic and natural fertilizers is that it is great for earthworms. They are very useful in the organic garden as they increase the air space in the soil

When transplanting the tomatoes, it is advisable to cover the stem with the soil all the way till the set of leaves come.There is a fourfold increase in the soil ability to store water by simply increasing the organic material.It is best to water the garden early in the morning, so as to conserve water loss. One must also first remember that over watering is worse than under watering. It is easier to revive a plant that is dry rather than one that is flooded with water.